Fashioned In His Image (FIHI) was founded by Kiwanis Hockett in 1982 as the women’s ministry of Born Again Church (BAC), Nashville, Tennessee. In an effort to meet the growing demands for women support and resources, we incorporated as an independent, non-profit organization in 2000 as Fashioned In His Image Total Women’s Center, Inc. (FIHI). In 2008, we purchased an 18,000 square foot building to use as office space for staff, meetings, counseling sessions, classes, summer camps, and programs.

For more than 30 years, FIHI has been providing outreach services and support to thousands of women, teen girls, and families through all parts of Nashville and surrounding counties in Tennessee, including college campuses. With a mission to empower women, including teen girls, to be healthy and productive by applying guiding principles to everyday living, FIHI offers support services, mentoring, coaching programs, life skill classes, and activities. Programs include:

  • My Sister’s Keeper (mentoring and support for girls ages 10 – 21, including a college campus group)
  • Keepers of the Heart (Abstinence Education for girls ages 10-17)
  • Operation We Care (Young and Adult Women coaching and support)
  • HIPS (Healthy Lifestyles Program for women)

FIHI purposes to provide women with the resources they need to become whole – equipped to deal with generational, situational and daily challenges and frustrations. In short, FIHI desires to provide support for women to expand their options when confronted with marital, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges.

In 2015, FIHI launched our “I Love Being A Girl” campaign to educate 1,000 girls about healthy living, abstinence, Domestic Violence issues, sex trafficking, and personal development. We will achieve this through Mentoring, Education, and Modeling (MEM). Over the past five years, FIHI has partnered with the Metro Nashville Public School System and educated approximately 1,200 girls and boys.

A part of our goal is to host a girls’ conference in July 2020, where we expect to attract 3,500 girls. There are several other initiatives planned.

By educating a girl, Fashioned In His Image hopes to build a healthier family, stronger communities and give a girl a brighter future. FIHI believes that girls with an education can create their own destiny, become role models for their family, and make viable contributions to their communities.