Chattanooga Mayoral candidate Atty. Wade Hinton

CHATTANOOGA, TN — Chattanooga Mayoral candidate Wade Hinton today announced the membership of a fifty-person leadership committee to guide his 2021 campaign. In building a committee that is fully representative of the city’s diversity, Hinton is delivering on his campaign’s promise to make Chattanooga a model for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The committee includes local leaders such as:

●  Bishop Kevin Adams 

●  Bill Aiken 

●  Andrew Kean 

●  Alison Lebovitz 

●  Kristina Montague 

●  Rosemary Porter 

●  Dr. Ernest Reid, Jr. 

●  Stephanie Sinkfield 

●  BettyeLynn Smith 

●  Aaron Webb 

●  Pastor Carlos Williams 

●  Judge Walter Williams