City Councils new leadership addition, l-r; Seema Singh Perez, Gwen McKenzie, Lauren Rider, Mayor Madeline Rogero and Stephanie Welch Photos by Vivian Shipe

 By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — Then there were five…When the hands are raised to be sworn in as the newest city council members in Knoxville Tn next month, four of those hands will belong to women. In the 226 year history of Knoxville, never has there been this number of women elected to serve.

Even more historic, the voters elected the first Black Female and the first Indian American, creating the most diverse council to date. Both  women received more than 57% of the votes cast.

Gwen McKenzie, first Black Female city council member in Knoxville’s 226 year history.

These four women will join another historic trailblazer at the leadership table. Mayor Madeline Rogero is the first female mayor in Knoxville’s history. She is now serving her second term in which she was unopposed. Under her leadership the city has seen amazing growth and has received national recognition on many levels.

When Mayor Rogero takes her seat at the center of the table in the coming years, for the first time in the history of Knoxville, the council will be more culturally reflective of the people it represents.

The voters have spoken.

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