Community leaders Charles and Andrea Overby, Bible teacher Lisa Harper and retired minister and Metro Nashville Public Schools administrator Dr. David Jones, Jr. are the recipients of the 2022 Joe & Honey Rodgers Christian Civic Leadership Awards.

The awards will be given Monday at the annual Operation Andrew Group fundraising banquet, which will be held at 6 p.m. in the grand foyer of the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts on the Belmont University campus.

Operation Andrew Group, established on the heels of the 2000 Billy Graham Crusade held in Nashville, seeks to build on that momentum by partnering with the local church to impact the community in a positive way.

All the recipients are well-known throughout Nashville for their service to the community.

“Giving back” is a recurring theme in the lives of Charles and Andrea Overby. Charles Overby, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, has been long admired as an astute and compassionate leader. Andrea Overby has invested herself in countless worthy causes and philanthropic organizations.

Known for her biblical insights, keen wit and unvarnished honesty, Lisa Harper is in demand as an exuberant speaker and teacher. The author of 17 books and Bible studies, she deftly balances two apt descriptions: “theological scholar” and “hilarious storyteller.”

As the visionary minister of Schrader Lane Church of Christ, Dr. David Jones, Jr. preached for more than 50 years. In addition to pulpit responsibilities, he served as a top administrator for Metro Nashville Public Schools. At Schrader Lane he advanced the development of an early childhood development center, a senior living center and numerous outreaches to the community.

Operation Andrew Group brings churches together in three areas; public education, pastor engagement, and young adult mentorship.

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