MUMBAI, India — Dropledge, an Indian online platform that gamifies social challenges, wants to defeat hunger in the country with the help of games. The platform has developed Food DriveZ, a gaming app available on both iOS and Android that donates food after users complete certain challenges in the game. 

“The more time a user spends on the game, the more needy people will be fed. Every in-app purchase in the game will help contribute or buy a meal for those most in need,” Food DriveZ’s page states.

Dropledge is bringing the gamification tech and experience to the recently launched Food DriveZ where players can do their part in addressing this issue while playing fun and entertaining games. The game also allows players to donate and volunteer for services across the country. 

“The specially designed mechanisms ensure when players feed the hunger victims as part of the in-game challenges, they are ‘also’ feeding hungry victims in real – through our on-ground activity,” the company said.

Dropledge has special accreditation by the United Nations and is a part of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) working in collaboration with the Playing for the Planet Alliance. 

Food DriveZ is a food delivery game developed with the concept of a food truck, where players deliver meals to the homeless and hungry in the game, which translates into donations in the real world. 

The data analytics of the game works towards identifying the time duration a player might need to play to be able to meet the target to feed people.

“With the objective of supporting the mission that no one shall go to sleep hungry due to the scarcity of food, the company has designed a Mobile Game – “Food DriveZ” that gamifies donation, volunteering, and education,” Sonia D’Souza-Bhavsar, founder of Dropledge said. 

“The company is a Social Cause-Based Technology Initiative focused on purpose through gamification. FoodDriveZ adds a valuable reason to indulge in gaming and play for purpose – A game that gamifies donation, volunteering, and education,” D’Souza-Bhavsar added.

The company said that hundreds of people have been fed through the gaming initiatives. 

Dropledge also recently launched a game named “Ocean Heroes – Make Ocean Plastic Free,” a mobile gamified platform to increase awareness and drive real action about plastic pollution. 

“We decided to craft an experience that allowed a first-hand understanding of how good saving the oceans can feel and how plastics have no business being in the oceans,” the company said in a blog post

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