Dear Editor:

I read Bonnie Hardaway’s Letter to the Editor in The Tennessee Tribune and as a retired teacher myself I would also like to contribute to this important conversation.

I am not a sexist person by no means. But in the wake of the most recent school shooting in our country, in Nashville allegedly by Audrey Hale, I,  too am compelled to react. 

This week, I now concede that mass shooting are not only limited to majority Caucasian men as shooters.

Now I’m realizing that firearms as it relates to violence is not sexist neither. Gun violence seems to be a mainstay. 

I am not a mental health therapist by no means. I’ve lived long enough to become familiar that misery continues to love company and that a coward continues to be a coward.

Wayne E. Williams, Retired Special Education Teacher, Camden City Public Schools

Camden, New Jersey 08103