With so much coming out about discrimination and abuse of authority in the Military it is surprising that Shaw Air Force Base continues their deplorable behavior against its Civilian Federal workforce. Hill AFB came under fire about the EEO abuses. I believe this may be rampant behavior throughout the Air Force. Reuters initially contacted me to do a story regarding the malfeasance and discrimination at Shaw and what happens to DoD civilians, but decided the impact would be better to focused on the military members. They never came back to us.

We are more than 10 people that have or are currently working at Shaw AFB who have been trying to garner attention regarding the abuse, threats, intimidation, discrimination etc., we have endured. We are the people whose Constitutional Rights were violated. We are the people that were refused Due Process. We are the people who have held positions of authority. We are the people that have worked in the EEO office at Shaw, been Director of Shaw EEO. We are the people that proved falsification of Official document. We are the people with defined proof of all that we state. We are the people who have been victimized. We are the people that have witnessed Shaw’s Civilian Personnel Office violate the Privacy Act. We are the people that were informed by Shaw EEO that they do not have to interview any witnesses that are given as witnesses to any discrimination complaints that are filed. We are the people that have witnessed ours and others complaints discarded. We are the people that have been refused reasonable accommodations and been forced to work with our victimizers/abusers. We are the people that have witnessed severe conflicts of interest when investigations and investigators are assigned to a case. One EEOC judge was previously the labor lawyer for Shaw AFB. We are the Complainants that are investigated after we raise concerns. Our concerns are never investigated, we are. Then some form of disciplinary action is taken against us. However, the investigators usually receive some form of compensation i.e., Quarterly Award or promotion. We are the people that the EEOC ruled against allowing Shaw to not interview Complainant’s witnesses. We are the people that were retaliated against for Whistleblowing. We are the people that have been held back from merit promotions. We are the people that have firsthand knowledge of Prohibitive Personnel Practices to included hiring practices.

Shaw AFB’s record speaks for itself, promotions (status, position, monetary bonus) for perjury, falsifying documents, and making false statements are common place. This practice incentivizes investigators and management to continue an assault upon decency and the rule of law. Air Force Core Values: Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In All We Do. Nonexistent at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. WE ARE THE PEOPLE READY TO PUBLICIZE OUR EVIDENCE AND OUR STORIES. WE ARE READY TO TESTIFY PUBLICLY.

Mrs. Willa Pembleton et al.