Looking for a way to celebrate Black History Month. Here are some virtual events around the state


Feb 14 th
4 PM EST- 5 PM EST: Black-Jewish Dialogue
To register for this event, please email at [email protected]
Feb 15 th
9 AM EST: Black History Oral History Project Featuring Diane Mason (Available to be seen at
Bessie Smith Cultural Center Facebook page)
Feb 17 th
9 AM EST: Black History Oral History Project Featuring Irvin Overton (Available to be seen at
Bessie Smith Cultural Center Facebook page)
Feb 22 nd
9 AM EST : Black History Oral History Project Featuring Moses Freeman (Available to be seen
at Bessie Smith Cultural Center Facebook page)
Feb 24 th
9 AM EST: Black History Oral History Project Featuring Reverend Paul McDaniel (Available to
be seen at Bessie Smith Cultural Center Facebook page)

Feb 12 th
11:30 AM EST: Frederick Douglas Day Celebration (UT-Knoxville -Virtual Event)
Join us to celebrate Black literary history! We will celebrate Frederick Douglass’ Birthday and
transcribe the records of Tennessee’s own Mary Church Terrell!
Register at this link: https://tennessee.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEvfuGsqzouGtEEDh-
Feb 16 th
7 PM EST: Know It Knox Celebrates Black Nashville
Join Know it Knox for Know It Knox Celebrates Black Knoxville. In honor of Black History Month,
February’s trivia contest focuses on the lives of Black Knoxvillians. There will be opportunities
to learn about the locally famous, as well as the internationally renowned, from historian and
raconteur Robert J. Booker. This live, interactive event is free and will take place in living rooms
everywhere on Zoom. The only requirements to play are registration to receive the Zoom link
and a computer or device with internet access. In-depth knowledge of the subject is not
necessary — experts and novices alike can either play for points or log on as a spectator.
Follow this link for more information: https://www.knoxlib.org/calendar-programs/know-it-knox-
online-trivia .
Feb 22 nd
7 PM EST: Zuzu African Acrobats LIVE (Available via stream courtesy of UT- Knoxville)
The Office of Multicultural Student Life, in collaboration with the Black Cultural Programming
Committee, celebrates Black History Month with the Zuzu African Acrobats.
This high-flying tumbling act from Mombasa, Kenya, has been entertaining audiences across the
country with their high-energy performances, incorporating fast pyramid building, limbo, contortion,
bottle balancing, tumbling, chair stacks, comedy and more. They have been featured on
;America’s Got Talent, The Late Show with David Letterman; and three Super Bowls.
Register at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdS-
Feb 25 th
7 PM EST: 4 th Annual Celebration of Black Excellence (UT-Knoxville- Virtual Event)
The Office of Multicultural Student Life, Black History Month Planning Committee, and College of
Arts and Sciences Allyship and Antiracism Series invites you to attend the 4th Annual Celebration
of Black Excellence on Thursday, February 25, 2021. This virtual celebratory event is intended to
honor the culture, legacy, and accomplishments of the Black community. Our keynote speaker for
the evening will be Mr. David Mills, Director of Health Sciences, Government Relations and
Advocacy for The University of Tennessee, followed by a live audience Q&A session.
Performances and short orations will also be given by members of our Volunteer family.
Feb 16 th
6 PM CST: Free Virtual Black History Speech Series- Jacki Muskin as Shirley Chisolm (Hattiloo
Theater-Virtual Event)
(Tune in at www.hattiloo.org to watch)
Feb 18 th
6 PM CST: Free Virtual Black History Speech Series- Pa Bomani as Dick Gregory (Hattiloo
Theater- Virtual Event)
(Tune in at www.hattiloo.org to watch)
Feb 23 rd
6 PM CST: Free Virtual Black History Speech Series- Willis Green as Marcus Garvey (Hattiloo
Theater-Virtual Event)
(Tune in at www.hattiloo.org to watch)
Feb 24 th
4 PM CST: An Unseen Light Book Discussion with Charles W. Mckinney Jr. (Memphis Library)
Join us along with Charles W. McKinney, Neville Frierson Bryan Chair of Africana Studies and
Associate Professor of History at Rhodes College, for a discussion on his book “An Unseen
Light: Black Struggles for Freedom in Memphis, Tennessee”, a book which he co-edited in 2018.
Click this link to register:
Feb 25 th
6 PM CST: Free Virtual Black History Speech Series- Bianca McMillan as Mary McLeod
Bethune (Hattiloo Theatre-Virtual Event)
(Tune in at www.hattiloo.org to watch)
Feb 26 th
4 PM-6 PM CST: BLM Teen Forum
Join MPL teen librarians for a Black Lives Matter Teen Forum where local youth will have the
opportunity to learn, grow, and voice their opinions about the tumultuous events of our city and
nation in 2020. The discussion forum will cover topics such as youth violence, social injustice,
and systemic racism in an effort to help us understand the present narrative, and how we can
move forward to heal our communities.
Click this link to register:
Feb 12 th
11 AM-12 PM CST: 14 th annual Red and White Affair-Virtual Edition
The Red & White Affair is a Valentine’s Day dance exclusively for ‘seasoned adults.’ The event
will feature a dance competition and a livestreamed DJ – all from the comfort of
participants’ homes! Special MWCHC goodie boxes will also be available to the first 100
registrants for local pickup at MWCHC’s Nashville clinic (1035 14 th  Avenue N). After registering,
call Senior Programming Coordinator Gwendolyn Langley at 615-921-5991 to verify gift box
availability and schedule pickup.
Link for registration: https://mwchc.z2systems.com/np/clients/mwchc/event.jsp?event=20&
12:10 PM CST: Calculating the Sensory Aesthetics of Black Liberation by Stacey Robinson
(Vanderbilt University- Virtual Event)
(For more information, please check this link for additional information:
https://www.vanderbilt.edu/bcc/bhm-events/ )
Feb 15 th
12 PM- 1:15 PM CST: “The Art of Healing”: African Medical Practitioners in the Nineteenth-
Century Atlantic World (Vanderbilt University- Virtual Event)
(To sign up, check out this link:
https://vanderbilt.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvfuyorD4jGdSiAI4wq5kUR6hO15aq0ANP )
Feb 16 th
7 PM CST: Murray Lecture: Who Will Save American Democracy? The Role Of Women, Young
Voters, and People of Color in American Politics (Vanderbilt University- Virtual Event)
LaTosha Brown, co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund and Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy
School of Government, will deliver a power talk on the influence of women, young voters, and
people of color in American politics.
RSVP here:
Zoom meeting ID: 917 8703 9430
Feb 18 th
6 PM CST: RAD Self Defense Class with Denzel Caldwell (Virtual Event)
(Register in advance for this class at this link:
https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEkcuChrzItGtB9IvpNHi_JwT36JpcRqdsc )
6 PM CST: BHM Themed Yoga Sesion with Jo-Jo (Vanderbilt University- Virtual Event)
Destress and relax in a one-hour yoga session with Jo-Jo Jackson. The sessions during Black
History Month will feature different Black female leaders. Participants will qualify to receive free
inspirational posters featuring each of the featured leaders.
Zoom Meeting and Registration at this link: https://forms.vanderbilt.edu/view.php?id=1370009
Passcode: VU1953
Feb 19 th
11 AM CST: Black Pioneers in the World of Sports and Their Relevance Today (Panel
On Friday, Feb. 19 at 11 am Central Time, a panel of leading Black scholars and authors on the
history of Black athletes and activism will join Dr. Rosevelt Noble, director of the Vanderbilt’s
Black Cultural