Franklin Mayor Ken Moore

In his letter to the editor included in this issue, Mayor Ken Moore shares the impact GraceWorks has had in Franklin for its 26 years. 

GraceWorks is losing their 21-year lease in June of 2023 because the building was sold. GraceWorks has not yet found either a leasable space or a permanent home option for their community resource center that serves over 11,000 neighbors a year. The looming June 2023 deadline is fast approaching, as the ministry believes it will take many months to retrofit any location and move.

Mayor Moore shares, “We should be proud this innovative nonprofit whose concept of collaboration, emphasis on effectiveness, and care for the dignity of our neighbors was founded in our own city. Even now, their model is ahead of its time, but back when it was founded 26 years ago, it was ground-breaking.”

“GraceWorks joins our frontline to combat any crisis our community faces,” Moore said. “Now, GraceWorks needs our help as they face homelessness.”

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson adds, “GraceWorks Ministries is where life starts to get better for our citizens living in poverty. I am proud to call GraceWorks a Williamson County born-and-raised nonprofit and encourage our lifelong citizens and newcomers to support GraceWorks’ community resource centers.”

GraceWorks is looking for leasable space of at least 40,000 square feet that includes or could be retrofitted to include 2+ truck bays, warehouse space, offices, conference room, retail space and 300+ parking spaces. Gifted or discounted space will be critical. GraceWorks is also looking for a permanent home option so they do not face the threat of displacement again. A gift of 6 acres or more would allow GraceWorks to plan to build a permanent home. 

Contact GraceWorks CEO, Valencia A. Breckenridge if you have any space or donation of land in mind via email or by calling 615-794-9055 x138.