NASHVILLE, TN — Franchata Goodrich-Bush was just elected as one of the newest members of Metro Nashville’s School Board – and she certainly brought along some baggage. Outside of her new school board role, Fran owns a children’s learning center, where she recently called a father  a “pathetic parent” & shamed him for a late payment, then threatened to sue him, and even call the police. We found it odd that she would act in such a manner, considering she has been sued for over $50,000 in late or unpaid debts in recent years. She even stood up and walked out of a court room once, just before the judge found her in default of a $34,876.26 judgment.

Personality and financial issues aren’t all of the problems Nashville’s newest school board member brings with her from Antioch. To round out the trifecta, her company filing with the State of Tennessee’s Division of Business Services, allowing her to operate as “Model Kids Learning Academy, Inc.”, has been revoked and dissolved by the state since August 8th, 2018, for not following all of the requirements and guidelines for owning and operating a business. The Secretary of State’s office also confirms that no annual report has ever been filed by the business, which is a requirement to legally operation in the state, as shown on the document below. Clearly, attention to details, accountability, deadlines, and responsibilities, are not top priorities for this new school board member.

The above issue will likely be resolved after someone takes the time to do the paperwork, and pay some fees and fines to get back in compliance with the state, although it would have never happened if the business was properly managed. One that isn’t changed so easily is attitude and personality. Scoop: Nashville received a series of text messages, some of which were also posted to social media, that Fran Bush sent a parent of her daycare center earlier this week, after he says he was five minutes late in paying tuition.

This isn’t the first time her attitude has come to light when dealing with other humans. In a 2007 lawsuit in the sixth circuit, Fran Bush sued her employer, claiming racial discrimination. Among other things, she alleges that after she called a co-worker a “rat” and a “bitch.” She alleged that Gambro (her employer) disciplined her for this incident differently than her co-workers because of her race and in retaliation for having filed previous EEOC charges. She then also claimed they discriminated against her when she used a work computer for personal use. Her complaint was dismissed in full, even after appeal.

For the incident earlier this week with her daycare company, it’s unclear why Fran Bush would be so upset over a parent making a payment five minutes late, when people all over Nashville have been waiting for her payments for years now. In fact, in recent years, Franchata has been sued for $50,848.71 in unpaid debts.







She has a judgment against her for $34,876.26 that the plaintiff could take, if they could find anything in her personal name, instead of her business. They did try to garnish her bank account, and the response from Regions Bank was they held the $2.00 that was left in her account. You’ll note she came to court for this hearing, and then got up and left before speaking to the judge, again showing her disdain for the courts, highlighted below:

She has various other lawsuits pending, including this one, for which a process-server has been unable to find her to serve her the paperwork for months and months. This is just one example, where she owe’s Republic Finance over $7,500, and there’s other similar examples also pending in court:

Fran Bush may only be a month into her tenure as a school board member for Metro Nashville, but she’s brought years worth of baggage with her. She can’t keep her own business, or temper, in check – how is she supposed to oversee an entire school district?