Whips. On Black people. In 2021.

Yesterday, images and videos were released of U.S. Border Patrol attacking Haitian refugees with whips.

This cruelty is utterly sickening. The events that took place yesterday are all too familiar to those that are aware of America’s ugly history. Brutality and violence against immigrants and refugees were inhumane under the last administration, and that sentiment remains. No person fleeing poverty and hunger should be treated in this egregious manner.

It is no secret that Haiti – the first Black republic – has been severely punished by western powers for centuries. This latest incident is nothing short of adding insult to injury. While President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer have since denounced the violence, in this instance, words mean nothing without action. For far too long, the Haitian community has endured mistreatment at the hands of our nation.

The NAACP is demanding the following swift and decisive action to protect Haitian refugees:

  1. A meeting between NAACP leadership and the Biden Administration to discuss protections for those seeking refuge
  • An enhancement to the Temporary Protected Status for Haitians
  • An immediate investigation into the U.S. Border Patrol practices against refugees, and implementation of punitive measures against patrol agents who use excessive force.

Stand with us and take action today. Click here to demand the Biden administration protect Haitian refugees.

Derrick Johnson
President and CEO