Dr. Bobby L. Lovett

Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–Gov. Lee was quick to respond negatively to US Vice President Harris on the topic of abortion, but Lee has not apologized and offered repentance and repair of damages for his wearing Confederate uniforms and celebrating the neo-Confederacy that represented race hatred, lynching, Jim Crow, and continuing oppression and discrimination (de jure and de facto) against generations of Afro-Tennesseans.

Gov. Lee’s response and dismissal of such actions by him and the Tennessee government as simply regretful on his part and that of other participants  represents un-Christian practices (bluntly and arrogantly).

How can we Tennessean citizens trust elected leaders who spew corrupted and politicized hypocrisy based on their self-defined belief of moral purity?
The Rebels of 1860-1861, too, claimed a basterdized southern Christianity; then they committed Secession, Rebellion, killing of 600,000+ men, for the retention of Slavery for 34 percent of southerners (Negroes). They committed Treason against the United States.
Perhaps in the bizarre minds of self-defined “Conservatives” the retention of falsifications of history (statues and place names of traitors, widespread election fraud, etc.) makes sense.
But in the craft of history (the espousal of Truth based on research of facts, Tennessee’s present leaders are nowhere close to the realities of justice and  historical TRUTH.
Rather: they are trying to force 21st century Tennesseans to remain blinded, frozen and intellectually-culturally-technologically static in the19th Century “Old South” Tennessee.

B. L. Lovett, historian, Nashville.