NASHVILLE, TN — With the rapid decline and disappearance of North Nashville’s historic environment and the continued displacement of its long-term residents, the time has come for a critical reassessment of the life, culture, and history of the community and its current and future place in the city’s collective memory.

Dr. Williams will highlight how the memory of this community resonates among both long-term and recent residents of North Nashville, with a focus on how the community often cultivated sensibilities and became the source of protest movements that challenged the status quo in the Music City. He will provide insight into who and what is celebrated in our collective memories; the individuals, events and significant spaces that have been erased from our collective consciousness; and who determines which of these are worthy of public study and recognition.

Lunch & Learn: The Day is Past and Gone: A Reconsideration of North Nashville in 

History and Public Memory

January 16, 2019

from noon to 1 p.m. at the 

Tennessee State Museum

Presented by Learotha Williams, Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of African American and 

Public History, Tennessee State University.