Odessa Kelly and her father Henderson Kelly

Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–Some of you may know me from the over 40 years I worked in the Nashville Parks Department, but for those who don’t, I’m Henderson Kelly — Odessa’s dad.

My wife and I have always been proud of Odessa’s accomplishments. Even before she made a name for herself in Nashville fighting for the working people in our community, Odessa was already taking on big challenges.
I can’t help but smile thinking about the time she tried out for the boys football team when there was no team for girls — not only did she make the team, but she played wide receiver all the way to victory in the city championship.
I was so proud to see Odessa follow in my footsteps to work for the Parks department. Seeing how much Odessa has done for families like ours in Nashville has been the honor of my life, and she’s just getting started.
I know Odessa will make Nashville proud as our Congresswoman, and so it would mean the world to me if this Father’s Day you could chip in any amount to her campaign.

Years ago, Odessa came into my office when the city was facing the recession and she said her job had been rolled back to part time because of budget cuts. I remember I told her that God has a plan for her, and sometimes there are trials and tribulations to prepare you for what’s next.
Little did I know that what’s next for my daughter would include running for Congress – but I’ve always known that she’s prepared to do what it takes to help her community and do what’s right.
So, if you can, donate to Odessa’s campaign today.

Thank you for being part of the Odessa Kelly team.
Henderson Kelly Sr.