Pastor Howard Jones

NASHVILLE, TN — Pastor Howard Jones, senior pastor of Fairfield M. B. Church in Goodlettsville and an assistant principal at Stratford High School, has announced his candidacy for Metro Council-At-Large.

Jones has been active in the Metropolitan Nashville Community all of his adult life.  He has served as the senior pastor of Fairfield for 30 years and has worked in the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System for approximately 30 years as well.  Jones also served as a Metropolitan Nashville Juvenile Court Probation Officer prior to joining MNPS.

“I am willing to serve and fight for the people of Davidson County.  We need leadership that is transactional and responsive to the community,” said Jones.

Jones stands on issues of education, affordable housing, employment and the Big T….Transportation.  “Transportation in Nashville is a regional and state issue, not just Metropolitan Nashville.  Nashvillians grabble with traffic every day in morning and afternoon drive times, as well as throughout the day, and every driver is seriously challenged.  “We are surrounded by six counties (Robertson, Sumner, Wilson, Rutherford, Williamson & Cheatham), with residents of those counties coming to or leaving Nashville, as well as being the cross point for three major interstates.  With the growth of the city, all these factors reveal serious transportation problems,” said Jones.

Jobs for the citizens of Nashville are a driving force for Jones. “With all the growth Nashville is experiencing and the major events taking place here, jobs should not be a problem for our citizens.”  Everything from entry level to high-powered positions, should be available.  We must develop programs for our youth and training programs for young adults, so they can be productive citizens in this city.

Nashville is experiencing a building boom, while traditional residents are about to bust,” said the candidate.  Reports have shown that many seniors and long-time home owners are losing their homes for a few pieces of silver, then completely financially strapped because they would have sold their precious homes.  Jones points out that his church, Fairfield has owned and operated affordable housing apartments in south Nashville for nearly 20 years and they are never empty.  “I hope to do more so we can really serve the community,” he explained.

Education is a major concern.  “Our students need to learn basic requirements of academic success-reading, writing, and mathematics.  They also need to learn the soft skills of how to talk with people, tone and tenor, listening skills and respect.  These are also qualities we need to extend to them,” Jones stated.

Early voting for Metropolitan Nashville Council positions begins in July and the election is in August.