Prayer Vigil for Families to Stop The Killing

Howard Jones, candidate for State Senate, District 19

In the wake of shootings and killings taking place in recent days, there will be a Prayer Vigil for Families on Tuesday, January 16, at 5:30 p.m. at the Kingdom Café & Grill, located at 2610 Jefferson Street.

Recent killings include two children as part of a domestic violence dispute, and a workplace shootings among others.

“We are experiencing families being destroyed because of senseless violence.  Domestic violence, teenage violence, adult violence and workplace violence.  It seems to never end, said Pastor Howard Jones, Senior Pastor of Fairfield M.B. Church and candidate for Tennessee State Senate, District 19.”

“It must end and we all need to redirect our lives and focus on prayer and love,” he added.

Issues of civility, self-control, gun control and deep and abiding faith, are deterrents to this type of behavior according to some reports.

For more information, contact Lanre Adeola…615. 957.4661

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