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Knoxville, Tenn.–Yesterday we were horrified to find a message in our Twitter DM’s from someone in Knoxville, bringing our attention to a deeply RACIST VIDEO out of GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY in KNOXVILLE where a group of basketball players are yelling about hating Black people (using a different word) as one wore a KKK hood.  (Trigger warning ⚠️ ) 

The school says it’s says it’s taking “appropriate disciplinary steps”, which we’re told means multiple expulsions (3-7), not by the school, but by people close to it.

GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Head of School Dr. Tony Pointer has issued a statement about the deeply racist video featuring GCA baseball players — “severe disciplinary action has been issued”.

In our INBOX, multiple people familiar with GCA are saying the culture at the school, which is over 90% white, has been ugly for students of color for some time.

As one person told us: “Black kids are called the n word like it’s no big deal, Nothing is done. Other schools raise awareness but here it’s never talked about. And if you say something to a teacher they say it’s no big deal cuz most people here aren’t like that” – multiple people close with the school have confirmed this general culture. 

This is why it’s so problematic that Republicans are saying we don’t need to talk about racism in school.

We do. We must. If we don’t teach the truth, it’s much easier for the lies to take hold, and it’s harder to break through once they’re older.

Teach the truth. Call out the racism.

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