Perri duGard Owens, duGard Communications

Personal Bio: Perri duGard Owens is an award-winning entrepreneur. As president & CEO of duGard Communications (dGC), a strategic communications firm focused on PR, media relations, marketing and branding, Perri is an experienced communications and marketing professional. duGard Owens is adept at analyzing situations quickly and determining how to best benefit a client’s goals and objectives. Many who work with her, and her team, attest to the professionalism, expertise, hands-on and team-oriented approach that she fosters throughout her organization. Perri is inspired to uncover and develop talent within new and seasoned communication professionals, provide clients with stellar results and influence transformative change through communication strategies. Under her guidance, dGC has built a reputation for excellence in ensuring the clients’ voice is strategically heard. dGC has worked with Amazon, HCA, NMAAM, TDOT, MNAA/BNA, Fifth + Broadway, WeGo and mahy others.

Business Overview: duGard Communications (dGC), is a strategic communications firm focused on PR, media relations, marketing/branding, as well as public engagement and outreach. We build trust by doing good work to do great things for our clients, staff and the communites we serve.

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Jasmine Peterson, Beauty By A’meera

Personal Bio: Jasmine Peterson, Founder and CEO of Beauty by A’meera,  started the company in 2019 with a line of lipsticks. Jasmine was inspired in 2016 when her everyday look turned into wearing lipstick and other attire for work. Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.  She dreamed of being an entrepreneur as a kid, she always came up with innovative ideas and saw challenges as stepping stones. She has a passion for beauty, desires to inspire others and challenge women to express their beauty boldly. These are a few of the reasons why she implemented a beauty business for queens to explore and meet their life’s potential.

Business Overview: The beauty is makeup is an art that builds confidence in all women. This will allow them to be bold, energetic and express their beauty which is so unique.

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Lagra Newman, Purpose Preparatory Academy

Personal Bio: Lagra Newman is the Founder and Head of School of Purpose Preparatory Academy, one of the highest performing elementary schools in Tennessee. Purpose Prep, a public, non-selective charter school, educates children predominately within the North Nashville community and focuses on strong literacy acquisition. In 2017, Purpose Prep earned Reward status for being among the top 5% of schools in the state of Tennessee for academic performance, and in 2018, Purpose Prep earned Reward School status for the second consecutive year.

Business Overview: Purpose Prep, a public, non-selective charter school, educates children predominately within North Nashville and focuses on strong literacy acquisition.

Website: Email: Social Media: Twitter: @Purpose_Prep @LagraNewman Instagram/Facebook: @PurposePrep @Lagra.Newman


Aja Price, Notably Gray

Personal Bio: Aja recently launched, Notably, Her, an entrepreneurial community that fosters mutual learning between women entrepreneurs and girls grades 10-12 interested in becoming entrepreneurs. With this work, Aja was featured in the Nashville Business Journal as a young professional on the rise in paving the way for future generations of women entrepreneurs. Aja believes if a girl can see it, she can be it. Notably, Her reframes what an entrepreneur looks like and provides a roadmap to young girls for entrepreneurial success. She also believes that it was the women who helped get her here, that has made all the difference.

Business Overview: Notably Gray is boutique marketing firm committed to elevating women in small business and youth in education through the power of storytelling.

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Tiffany Bankett, A.I.M. for Healing

Personal Bio: I’m Tiffany, the founder of A.I.M. for Healing, and I hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
I value being my clients personal cheerleader to help facilitate growth and change throughout their lives. My role is to support clients through life’s ups and downs by, bringing awareness to the tools they hold within and helping them navigate through their journey to becoming their authentic self.

Business Overview: A.I.M.’s goal is to help every client attain internal motivation to embark on the journey of healing. The company aims to be an authentic, gentle space to help clients’ start their healing journey through an honest, healthy connection.

Website: Email: Social Media: FB: @aimforhealing ; IG: @a.i.m.forhealing


Alisha James, QwickTouch

Personal Bio: Alisha James is a dedicated member of the criminal justice community with a passion to assist government and private industry.  Alisha currently serves as the founder and CEO QwickTouch, a technology solution that creates pathways for seamless re-entry and successful completion of community supervision by utilizing tech that is rooted in industry best practices. Alisha also serves as principal consultant of James Group Consulting, a firm focused on leadership, strategic planning and criminal justice reform related initiatives.

Business Overview: QwickTouch is a technology platform designed to help individuals who return from prison/probation better connect with their supervision officer.

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Angel Perry, Strong Men Moving Company LLC

Personal Bio: I’m a wife and a devoted mother and daughter. I am a first generation college graduate and business owner. I’m a license cosmetology and  the pandemic has cause a tremendous heart ship on my family and I will be gladly appreciative of this opportunity.


Business Overview: We are transportation company that specialize and moving.The best part about the business,we provide opportunities for the community.

Website: Email: Social Media: FB: @strongmenmovingco; IG: @strongmenmovingcompany


Felicia Evans, Reiki Me with Fe

Personal Bio: Offering you alternative ways to improve your Health! I’m Fe, Reiki Master, Yoni Steam Practitioner, Doula.My love passion for my sisters and brothers are my why!

Business Overview: Located in Nashville, some alternative ways I offer to deal with life, stresses and illness through Reiki, Yoni and Lingam Steams

Website: Email: Social Media: Facebook: @InspireMeFe; Instagram: @Inspiremewithfe



Vanna Anderson, Southern Angels Exceptional Ed. Consultanting

Personal Bio: Dr. Anderson began her career as a special education teacher in Nashville, TN. She has served as a teacher, professor, academic coordinator, intervention specialist, and applied behavior analysis therapist tutor for the State of Tennessee. She has also been recognized for the work of increasing the most students academic growth for Adequate Year Progress in Nashville.

Business Overview: Southern Angels offers personable, affordable, effective educational services. We aim to provide an exceptional education to our students while creating a pathway, which enlightens their families.

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Charelle Lans, Vision Strategy Management

Personal Bio: Charelle Lans is a six-time award-winning author, strategist, and engineer with a passion for cultivating “Loved Limitless Leaders” who THRIVE in business and life. She is the President and Lead Strategist for Vision Strategy Management, LLC, Executive Producer and Founder for Women with Grit talk series, Executive Director for Leading with Feet, Inc, Chair of the FAMU-FSU Mentoring Program, and Advisory Board Council Member for Florida State University’s College for Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering. 

Lans has authored the award-winning book “Leading with Feet” Making Intentional Steps to Live Out Your Best” and Roadmap to Success, “Moving from the 95 who Fail To The 5 Who Succeed” and with over ten years of industry experience, she focuses on increasing the presence of women and minorities in leadership and STEM role.

Business Overview: We make execution easy for our clients by driving operational excellence in the area of people and process performance.

Website: ; Email: Social Media: FB: @authorcharellelans; @exceptionalwomenwithgrit; @visionstrategymanagement; @thecharellelans LinkedIn: @Charellelans; Instagram: @charellelans; @visionstrategymanagement


Brittany Cole, Career Thrivers

Personal Bio: Brittany N. Cole is a career and leadership speaker, coach, and author helping professional and entrepreneurial leaders, who have been shrinking in their greatness for far too long, build a personal brand that aligns with their purpose, passion and desired path. As the CEO of Career Thrivers, a leadership development firm based in Nashville, Brittany partners with organizations to cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. To learn more about Brittany & Career Thrivers, visit

Business Overview: Career Thrivers provides targeted leadership development, strategic planning, coaching and learning & development content that enhances equity in the workplace.

Website: Email:  Social Media: @brittanyncole


Angela Mitchell Hill, NailEd It Empowerment

Personal Bio: In business since 1997, Angela Mitchell Hill continues to stand by her mission to educate, empower and inspire. With the birth of her journey in business beginning in Nashville, Angela has curated a unique company culture instilling value through diversity inclusive of race, gender and individual characteristics.Angela’s belief that individuality and purpose of all people is what remove the barriers that prevent progress, socially, organizationally and individually.

Business Overview: NailEd It Empowerment is an educational platform that empowers freelancers, solo preneurs and entrepreneurs with tools necessary to build and grow a legacy of success.

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Ashley Brooke James, TRILUNA Wellness

Personal Bio: Ashley Brooke James is a 300-hour certified yoga instructor and Co-Founder of TRILUNA Wellness—a pro donut wellness company specializing in mental health and social justice issues. Today, TRILUNA is a local leader in solving how wellness and work can live in harmony and you’ll often find Ashley and her business partner Elizabeth leading workshops and executing panels on everything from diversity and inclusion to meditation for stress management.

Business Overview: TRILUNA Wellness is a pro donut , non-diet, anti-racist wellness company specializing in mental health and social justice issues. We provide organizations with wellness experiences through workshops, movement and cooking classes, and curated self care boxes.

Website: Email: Social Media: FB: TRILUNA Wellness IG: triluna_wellness / ab_the_yogi


Kirsten Williams, Baymar Travel

Personal Bio: This Tennessee State University Alumnus checks all of the boxes. Kirsten was an educator for 10 years prior to becoming a business owner. As a travel agent, she specializes in helping people plan their successful relaxation moment.

Business Overview: Baymar Travel offers advice on destinations, plan trip itineraries, and make travel arrangements for clients. We also provide arrangements for transportation, lodging, and admission to entertainment activities to individuals and groups planning. Without the hassle, we totally plan your getaway!

Website: Email: Social Media: IG: @baymartravel; FB: Baymar Travel


Veatrice Conley, Unveiled Bridal Studio

Personal Bio: Veatrice Conley, founder/owner of Unveiled Bridal Studio LLC, has been an active member of Chattanooga’s fashion and beauty industry since 2012. Veatrice made her fashion debut at the 2012 Chattanooga Fashion Week (presented by Gage Model and Talent Models) with the creation of her women’s apparel line Regina James Fashion and has since hosted several local fashion shows and launched 5 ready-to-wear private label collection over past 3 years. Veatrice hopes to bring her fashion experience and sense of exquisite fashion to the Chattanooga bridal market.

Business Overview: Unveiled Bridal Studio is a bridal boutique that exclusively carries eclectic bridal gowns and bridal accessories for women of all shapes and sizes.

Website: Email: Social Media: FB: @unveiledbridalstudio; IG: @unveiledbridalstudio


April Lloyd, Precise Senior Home Safety Advisors

Personal Bio: I have worked in healthcare for 20+ and meeting the needs of those in my community is a priority. I’m a graduate of The University of TN -Nursing, wife and mother of two sons. My motto in life is “be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody”.

Business Overview: Precise specializes in helping seniors safety proof their homes to help prevent hazards and also provide full service relocation management for seniors.

Website: Email: Social Media: FB: @precisehonesafery


Tiffanie McDonald, T McDonald MMFT

Personal Bio: I am a Pre-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Nashville, TN area. I have dedicated myself to walking alongside clients as they make the choice to begin living the lives that they desire and deserve to live. In providing a safe and non-judgmental space, it is my hope that clients feel free to begin processing their experiences, and through our work together, they begin feeling empowered to start living the life that their circumstances told them they could not have.

Business Overview: private practice that provides mental health therapy services to individuals, couples and families struggling with anxiety, grief, trauma, and more

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