Commissioner Chantho Sourinho

By Alison Decker

MURFREESBORO, TN—Rutherford County Democrats continue to campaign between the primary election day May 3 and official General Election Day August 4. Republicans are running candidates for 20 of 21 seats, with many incumbents running unopposed. Currently, Commissioner Chantho Sourinho is the sole Democrat officeholder left in office in Rutherford County.

Running non-partisan Democratic for Murfreesboro City Council is candidate Carolyn Cox. 5 of the 7 candidates running are Democrat. 

11 candidates are running in their respective districts: Rutherford County Commission District 1 candidate is Hope Oliver; Anita Herron is running in District 3; Joseph M. Locher is running in District 7; District 8 is Matthew Burke; Rutherford County District 9 is Mark Andrew Linvlle; District 10 is Iris Dismukes; District 12 is Celest Lashon Davis; District 15 is Cedric F. Alford; District 16 is Kyle Mullicane; District 17 is Mariah N. Phillips; District 21 is Chantho Sourinho.

Murfreesboro is the 4th congressional district in southern Tennessee. The four current Rutherford County state representatives are Charlie Baum, Tim Rudd, Bryan Terry and Mike Sparks.

On Jan. 3 of this year a redistricting map was approved by the Tennessee Senate Ad Hoc Committee; the map splits Rutherford County into two senatorial districts —13 to the West and 14 to the East represented by State Senators Dawn White and Shane Reeves, respectively.

Cathy Watts, RuCo Democratic chairperson, said, “With a record number of Democratic candidates, and a record number of Black women running for county commission, we expect voters who understand the value of diverse representation will show up at the polls with great enthusiasm this year. I think that’s important.”

July 5th is the deadline to register to vote for the August 4th election and early voting begins July 15th through 30th register at A few tips before voting day to remember: You must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of Tennessee, and at least 18 years old on/or before the next election. You must have a valid state or federal issued photo ID, must be registered in the county you are voting in, which must be updated prior to election day. Also, absentee ballots must be obtained seven days before the election if in-person or by mail and voted absentee ballots are due by Election Day or they will not be counted.  If interested in becoming a poll watcher contact the Rutherford County Democratic Party at (615) 396-8884. You can become a Member of RuCo Dem Women by completing a membership form at rcdp.ord/Rutherford-county-democratic-women. The Rutherford County Democrats