On Monday, August 21, the August Special Session of the 113th Tennessee General Assembly began. There have been 104 bills filed, with many that have significant implications for education.  
One alarming bill, sponsored by Representative Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville) and Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta), is HB7086/SB7019. This bill would allow a person employed by a local education agency (LEA) as a faculty or staff member at a school within the LEA to possess and carry a concealed handgun on the grounds of their school at which the person is assigned.  
Research shows that increased access to guns does not make schools safer or decrease the number of school shootings. This bill would only work to increase students’ exposure to gun violence, and increase the risk of harm and death of our students, teachers, and employees in our school communities. 
The Education Trust-Tennessee is asking Tennesseans to say “no” to arming teachers. Please note this sign on opportunity is for Tennessee residents only.