By Thomas Sheffield

Last year, the president boasted as he finally was able to get legislation passed and to keep one of his many dumb campaign promises.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, promised to all working Americans, became law and everyone was really excited.  I even received a bigger pay check which was equal to a raise…. Or so I thought.  

Corporations received billions of dollars in tax cuts.  The justification of these cuts was to give companies the ability to create more jobs.  Corporate tax cuts for the largest companies was to spur economic growth.  A study from the Brookings Institute says:  “The new law will reduce federal revenues by significant amounts, even after allowing for the impact on economic growth. It will make the distribution of after-tax income more unequal.” Meanwhile, social services were also cut.  Cuts in things like schools, housing, and infrastructure were made and the deficit continues to grow at an astounding rate.  

It is time for these companies to invest more in the communities they serve.  Not just during “community service days” but everyday.  Corporations received billions of dollars in tax cuts but do not invest those billions back in the things they use and the government pays for.  

How many companies ship their goods on our roads, pay to have these roads repaired or built?  How many of these companies pay for the electric grids they use to power their factories?  How many big corporations invest billions in water infrastructure or flood prevention for the people who work in their factories?  Where is the billion dollar investment in public schools so the parents do not have to pay hundreds of dollars per child per year for supplies?  When will large companies pay for pre-school and education for employees?  Where is the public investment in teachers who train kids and get them ready to be great candidates for employment?  Why can’t the big companies who benefit from tax cuts invest in our fire and police departments who protect and serve their employees?  

If companies want to get by paying employees $10-$15 per hour, then the least they can do is pay a portion of our rent, day care, all healthcare, utilities and basic food needs.  I do not believe they should pay for luxuries like expensive cars, cable or cell phone bills but they should contribute to the basic needs to improve the quality of life for its employees and customers.  No one should have to work 2-3 full time jobs just to make ends meet.  The government has turned its back on the regular citizen.  We cannot depend on anyone to look out for us.  The president and his administration have weakened the power of the labor unions.  It is past time for us to use the power of our dollar to support corporations that support our communities.  Lets demand these companies, with these billions of tax cuts, invest money back in our country and community. 

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