Howard Jones, candidate for State Senate, District 19

A Conversation about “Saving the Children,” Educationally, Socially and Economincally

ANTIOCH, TN — Experts in the field of children & youth services will make presentations regarding ways to protect, guide and save them. Presentations will be delivered from the perspectives of education, social and economic issues. Panelists representing Juvenile Court, Children’s Services, Youth Organizations law enforcement, faith-based organizations and Youth themselves will participate at this event, along with citizens who will share their opinions and offer solutions.

Pastor Howard Jones, candidate for State Senate, District 19 says, “This is an opportunity to speak “Truth to Power,” and develop solutions for a quality of life that will help “Save the Children because they are our Future.”

The meeting takes place on Thursday, January 25 from 6-8 pm at the Southeast Community Center (old Hickory Hollow Mall), 5260 Hickory Hollow Parkway, Suite 202 in Antioch.

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