January 2018

Looking for a spirited country adventure? Head to Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, KY which is a must see along the bourbon trail. The three hour drive from Nashville to Loretto takes visitors deep into the country, through side roads and small towns. Giant black barns, which are a storehouse for thousands of barrels, suddenly emerge along a country road near Maker’s Mark. Upon pulling into the campus, I was impressed by the countryside luxury and hospitality. The unique architecture is a blend of modern and historical where farm meets comfort. Find

The VIP Tour and Tasting are intriguing to bourbon newbies and aficionados. Bourbon consists primarily of corn and includes wheat and barley. The production process can take up to seven years, which includes storage time in a wooden barrel. Approximately 55 percent of the flavor comes from the wood, so proper storage time is essential. Taste testers verify the maturity of every bottle.

The VIP Tour and Tasting includes visits to the Quality Control Lab, Print Shop, Warehouse and Maker’s Mark Cellar. It was fascinating to hear about the detailed process from the selection of grains to the packaging. Maker’s Mark still uses a 1930s press to print each label. Each bottle is dipped in a signature red wax, which guests can handdip within the gift shop.

Unique to the distillery is an onsite restaurant, Star Hill Provisions,  showcasing farm to table cuisine and signature cocktails by Chef Newman Miller. Miller has mastered his craft and provides fresh garden flavors and southern classics. Lunch is available Wed. thru Sun. 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Dinner is available select times throughout the year.
Maker’s Mark is a must see along the famed bourbon trail in KY and offers visitors a fascinating and well-orchestrated tour and tasting.

For more information, visit Maker’s Mark Distillery.