Treva Gordon, left, and Kevin Kennedy

By Joziah Coleman

The Treva & Kevin Show celebrates five years of broadcasting out of Nashville, Tennessee, weekly on My TV 30.  

Treva Gordon, an author, speaker and executive producer, co-hosts the Treva & Kevin Show each Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. alongside Kevin Kennedy, an accomplished attorney and author.  

The Treva & Kevin Show is produced by Tony Griffith and filmed at Zenith Studios with Scott Godsey in Gallatin, TN.  The show has a growing and captive audience and is pleased to celebrate a new addition and partnership with Damascus Roads TV.

The Treva & Kevin Show is a family-friendly program and over the years has interviewed many top celebrities in the entertainment industry.  These special guests include but are not limited to, actors, actresses, authors, comedians, artists, television and music producers. The Treva & Kevin Show has also been instrumental in providing a platform for many young and upcoming entertainment artists to take their first steps on their journey to success.  

The Treva & Kevin Show is formatted to encourage open, honest and informative discussions that have delved into the private and public experiences of notable stars.  It has always been Treva & Kevin’s desire to nurture their viewing audience with knowledge, inspiration and motivation.  Throughout their broadcasting careers, Treva & Kevin have had at the forefront the advancement of the cause of Jesus Christ.  Treva & Kevin are familiar faces among the red-carpet events both local and national throughout the years and they have become quite popular with their devoted and growing fanbase.  Their talk show, over the last five years, has reached a wide array of audiences and provided valuable insight into the lives & experiences of many professional careers.  

When asked about the show, Treva replied: “one of the greatest joys of being on television is unveiling to the world some of the most amazing personalities that I’ve come in contact with.”

Co-Host Kevin Kennedy, exclaimed that he loves the interviews most both on and off camera.  “It is incredible to learn from all of these talented people, their different stories on how they came from the idea of being onstage to the point that they were actually onstage.”  

Both Treva and Kevin have said that with today’s technology, the sky is the limit on attaining world-wide name recognition in a very short amount of time.  Treva & Kevin have said to be sure and tune in to the Treva & Kevin Show and they believe it could help change your life forever.