President Trump has signed the government funding and coronavirus relief package, the White House said, averting a government shutdown and delivering economic aid as the pandemic worsens. He drove the country through chaos from behind the wheel of his golf cart.  Over the Christmas weekend, he was the only man with the power to forestall a government shutdown, restore jobless benefits to millions of laid-off Americans and prevent further economic calamity in the days ahead.  The delay — prompted by Trump’s late-in-the-game dissatisfaction with the size of direct payment checks to Americans, his irritation at Senate Republican leaders and a showman’s penchant for keeping people guessing — also pushed the government within 30 hours of shutting down.  Americans can expect to receive $600 dollar stimulus checks, small businesses can expect more stimulus dollar support and those colleting unemployment benefits can hope to receive an additional $300 per week through March 2021 as part of the historical $900Billion Dollar Package.