By Charles Ford

For only the second time in 175 years a house that was divided by death, property disputes, and slavery issues is being reunited. 

The Tennessee Supreme Court case of Ford vs. Ford was settled in 1846 and was the last driving factor in splintering the Ford Family. 

Members of the Ford family have moved to various parts of the country. Many have stayed in the Tri-Cities area. 

On June 18, 2022, all members of the Ford family are coming together for their second massive reunion. It’s a reunion of all the descendants of the Ford families that settled Fordtown and their relatives, from all over the United States, all traveling to celebrate and reunite as family.

If your family roots run deep in East Tennessee, there is a very good chance you have Ford ancestors in them. If you have ties to Fordtown, TN, where it all took place, you are probably related. All are welcome to join us. 

A full day of activities and festivities are planned, including a dedication of a new state highway marker designating the spot where it all took place with references to the Supreme Court case that changed the tide for slavery in Tennessee. 

The theme of this year’s event is Ford vs. Ford 1846 – Fords Love Fords 2022. 
If you want to attend we need to hear from you by April 15th to plan accordingly. Please contact Charles Ford at (913) 393-3847 or email