NASHVILLE – WeGo Public Transit is launching a new, seamless payment system which allows riders to pay for their fare using a reloadable card, smartphone app, or a non-reloadable ticket on WeGo routes, services, and vehicles. QuickTicket provides a scan, tap, and go fare payment experience and addresses common customer frustrations:

  • Having to carry cash to pay for the bus
  • Having to go to WeGo Central to purchase passes
  • Passes getting wrinkled or wet
  • Lost change cards
  • Out of service Ticket Vending Machines

 QuickTicket features a smartphone app, a website to manage your account online, more durable cards, money protection, and the ability to get passes in more locations, all with the intention of making the fare payment process from purchase to boarding simpler and quicker for everyone. 

This system also allows for fare capping on WeGo local service by loading stored value to a QuickTicket account. With fare capping, customers don’t need to figure out which pass to buy. They automatically get free transfers and will never pay more than the cost of an All-Day Pass in a day or a 31-Day Pass in a calendar month.

 “I am excited to put a QuickTicket in the hand of every Middle Tennessean,” WeGo Performance Oversight Manager Bryan Williams said. “This new technology will put fare payment where our riders are, allowing them the ability to access greater benefits, earning free rides on our WeGo local service with daily and calendar month fare capping.” 

To get onboard, riders can purchase a reloadable card at the Central Information Window, retail provider, or at a ticket vending machine.

To use the QuickTicket by WeGo app, simply download it from the App Store, Google Play, or wherever you get your apps. QuickTicket also provides the rider with the ability to create an account, which protects the passes and money on the reloadable card. With an account, riders can track their history, add fare remotely, and transfer funds to new cards. 

The new system is currently available on WeGo local and regional services and will be available in the near future onboard regional buses, the WeGo Star commuter train, and WeGo Access paratransit services. For more information, visit