CLARKSVILLE, TN — A small classroom filled with people on Wednesday, September 21st from all walks of life: mothers, fathers, teachers, media, and representatives from local and state government, all sat alongside a classroom of young children who gathered around to listen to a twelve-year-old author read her book.

That author is Robyn Gordon and her book ‘Stop Bullying’ was recently added to the curriculum at Power & Grace Preparatory Academy. The principal is Katobwa Stallworth.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion for the young author, several special guests were in attendance. To include Tennessee’s First Lady Crissy Haslam, Clarksville City Mayor Kim McMillan, Publisher of the Tennessee Tribune Ms. Rosetta Perry, Clarksville City Council members David Allen and Richard Garrett, Robyn’s Grandfather from Michigan Steve Sanders, National Photographer Kelvin Braxton owner of Braxton Photography, CEO/Founder Carol Stevens of Nia Association, Sergeant John W. Hunt of the Clarksville Police Department Youth Coalition Program Operation Turnaround, and more.

Robyn Gordon wrote the book ‘Stop Bullying’ as a way to cope with her own bullying problems she faced in elementary school. The book was published by Gordon Publishing in March 2016. Since the release of her book ‘Stop Bully- ing,’ Robyn has traveled around Tennessee as an inspirational speaker and speaking to over three thousand adults and students alike about the subject matter of bullying. From her summer daycare tour, to several churches and past events, Robyn said, “I really enjoy talking to people about my book. I want to stand up for others.”

The event also celebrated the new anti-bullying course curriculum complete with pup- pets, and is state board approved. Power & Grace Preparatory Academy adopted the book along with its two week course curriculum to further assist their students with character development, activity skills, and fundamental learning values for their 2016- 2017 school year.

Robyn’s mother Treva Gordon who assisted with the event organization said, “I wanted to help publish my daughter’s book. I am very proud of Robyn for becoming a great author and the work she is doing. She is blessed with many ideas and the best is yet to come.”

Robyn Gordon stood before a room filled with curious young minds as she read aloud to the children the story of Robbie who had been bullied at school by Steve, and eventually how Robbie overcame his bullying problem. Later befriending his former tormentor. The young author then took questions from the children. “What inspired you to write this book?” said one little girl. Gordon said, “Because I was bullied, and I know a lot of people who have experienced bullying at school…the book goes out to all the people who have been bullied and I just want to inspire kids to know its okay to stand up and it’s not right to bully people.”

There were several remarks from guest in attendance of Robyn’s bud- ding career as a children’s author. Clarksville City Council Member David Allen said, “It’s a great occasion and I’m just glad to be here to sup- port it.” Clarksville City Mayor Kim McMillan said, “This is really a phenomenal event. We are so proud of Robyn and all her work with the book, ‘Stop Bullying’ that she has written. To have her book inducted into this school is wonderful. I think all children can learn from Robyn’s message.” Her grandfather Steve Sanders who traveled from Michigan in support of Robyn said, “I am so proud of my granddaughter. She did a great job.”

The First Lady of Tennessee Crissy Haslam came out to congratulate Robyn for a job well done and to celebrate the new course curriculum at Power and Grace Preparatory Academy. That will soon be available nationwide.  Mrs. Haslam a featured speaker on the program said, “It was an honor to meet Robyn Gordon…I am very impressed with her book and her ability to communicate with children. It is a very important message for our children, our state, and for all of us, that we should be kind to each other and that we should not bully.”

Robyn Gordon is planning to release a new book in the fall called ‘Kindness.’ It is a continuation of her character Robbie from the book ‘Stop Bullying.’

Robyn is a 7th grade student attending West Creek Middle School. Her book ‘Stop Bullying,’ is illustrated by Edward Eick. Robyn is a motivational speak- er and a recording artist. She was nominated in 2016 for a Stellar Award. Robyn loves to compete in pageants and is the former 2016 Miss Junior Unite, Miss 2015 Tennessee Preteen, and Miss Junior Black Clarksville. She is currently serving on the Beta Club at school and is a cheerleader. Robyn has two brothers and one is serving in the Navy. She sings and assists at her family’s church Mile High in Clarksville,TN where her father Robert Gordon serves as pastor.

For more information about having Author Robyn Gordon to come speak or sing at your school or church, or to place an order for her book ‘Stop Bully- ing’ call 931-980-4661 or please visit her website at