By Thomas Sheffield

Climate change deniers will say that the rising temperatures have little or nothing to do with human activity.  Meanwhile, the floods, fires and droughts continue to cause property damage and health issues to people all over the world.  To make matters even worse, a study from a team of researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Center have warned a rise in temperature of just two degrees Celsius due to human activity could send us toward a hothouse Earth.  What would this mean to you?  This will cause rising costs for healthcare, food, fuel and water.  This is not just a cost issue, it is also a security issue. We must wake up before it is too late.  

Our planet is a wonderfully made planet which is made to sustain life.  There is a delicate balance and rhythm to the order of things.  Variations in the temperature can have horrible effects on the life this planet sustains.  Carbon dioxide and other air pollution collecting in the atmosphere trap the suns heat and cause the planet to become warmer.  2 degrees Celsius is the global warming tipping point.  This equates to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  It does not seem to be much.  At this level, global impact becomes irreversible.  Any greater rise, scientists have warned, could trigger catastrophic climate change.  Who has the most to lose and have to most to overcome to survive? It would take the poor and the disenfranchised longer to recover.

What will happen if the temperature rises just 2 degrees Celsius?  Scientists believe the ice sheets in Greenland and West Antarctica will become unstable and melt.  This will cause sea levels to rise between 20-30 feet.    Rising temperatures will destroy plant and animal habitats.  Rising temperatures will reduce yields of important food crops.  Severe storms and great droughts will have impacts on people all over the world.  

A rise in the global temperature 2 degrees Celsius will cause droughts.  Droughts will cause food prices to rise.  The result of this could be a rise in crime.  People will resort to doing whatever it takes to live.  This includes battles over land, fresh water and natural resources.  When people are starving, their instinct is to go where the food is.  Studies demonstrate how the Syrian civil war was partially triggered by severe drought which was worsened by climate change.  We can avoid these actions by being proactive and working with citizens of the world on climate change solutions.  

2 degrees Celsius does not seem much.  We must keep vigilant on our contributions to global warming.  It is a slippery slope and is one we may not be able to recover from if we do not act now.  

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