With Advanced Motion Sensory Technology, the new BMW 530i is a car that offers an uncompromising combination of dynamics and innovation. The All-New 5 Series offers unparalleled performance. Now with iDrive 6.0 and other intuitive innovations, there are more ways to interact with the vehicle than ever before – redefining what it means to be The Ultimate Driving Machine.

This BMW offers drivers a hands-free experience in increasing and decreasing the volume on the radio. With a simple clockwise circular motion with one finger, turn up or down the sound instantly. The radio controls are perfectly located on the center console as you change from one station to another.

The driver has the pleasure of rejecting a call with a hand swipe to the right. Or take a call by pointing to the touchscreen. The empowering hands free experience extends into the answering phones. This fun and practical technology is called Intelligent Voice Control.  It understands natural speech patterns, seamlessly fulfilling your every command. With optional Gesture Control, use simple hand gestures to control navigation, communication and entertainment.

The 530i commands attention inside and out, as you drive in excellence and style.

As you drive at night, the interior illuminates on the side panels of the car highlighting the outline of the door offing a cool, relaxed environment for an elegant riding experience. It accelerates effortlessly with a with a calm that’s not noticed as you speed down the highway.

When it’s time to park this vehicle of classiness, the Surround View System with 3D View, takes the boredom out of parking.   Four cameras work together to create three-dimensional perspective views of the area surrounding the vehicle, assisting the driver with spotting all obstacles, including curbs, other vehicles and pedestrians.

THE NUMBERS:  MSRP– From $51,200 MPG: 24 city / 34 highway