NASHVILLE, TN — Rosetta Miller-Perry, Chair, Board of the Tennessee Tribune Stores at Nashville’s International Airport (BNA)  welcomes 40 new vendors for the Spring 2023 Category Review conducted by Chaux Consulting.

This continues the Tribune Stores breaking historical barriers of diversity and inclusion in the airport travel sector as well as the community. Tribune CEO Rosetta Miller-Perry said “From inception with the first store opening in November 2020 and the second store opening in 2022, we will continue to make history in the category of airport concessions by offering opportunities to economically disadvantaged small, diverse, veteran and woman-owned businesses in Tennessee.” She will also open a Tennessee Tribune Store in the new Titan Stadium.

Recently, Miller-Perry turned her focus to Historic Jefferson Street.  She and  2 other minority businesses partnered with a well-known Nashville developer who will build  The Jefferson Street Flats – a 7 story 2 level parking flats for middle and upper income citizens.  

For more information or to become a Tribune store vendor please send email to