Alex Miller

By Ron Wynn

NASHVILLE, TN — Alex Miller’s first impact on the national scene came when he appeared on “American Idol” last year doing straight, hard-edged country tunes. Despite being eliminated in the Showstopper Round, Miller’s sound and personality made enough of an impression to signal that he was someone with a great future.

The next phase in his career has now occurred with the release of his excellent debut album “Miller Time.” It’s a portrait of a vintage style updated and adapted for modern audience sensibilities. Backed by a tremendous corps of musicians, Miller’s rousing, engaging and energetic vocals embellish and fortify eight originals and two stirring cover numbers. But Miller doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about what he’s singing or why.

“I’m not trying to put anyone else or any other style of music down,” Miller told the Tribune last week. “I’m just doing the music that I love, and I’ve always felt there are people out there who enjoy and want to hear it. It’s not some sort of crusade or quest, just me doing the music that I love and enjoy.”

Recorded at Gorilla’s Island in Ashland City and produced by ace songwriter Jerry Salley, Miller’s energetic, charismatic vocals make such tunes as the lead single “Through With You,” “I’m Over You, So Get Over Me” and “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit You” resonate with equal parts charm and conviction. There are also a pair of super covers; a booming version of Hank Williams’ “I’m Gonna Sing” that matches him with the Oak Ridge Boys and an equally jubilant rendition of the Keith Allison/Mark Lindsay tune “Freeborn Man.” There’s also a message song that Miller wrote with a very specific and timely theme

‘Boys In Uniform’ was a number I wrote as a change of pace, but also to emphasize the message that we need to support our troops and the people who put their lives on the lines for us,”Miller added. With strong endorsements from such stars as Luke Bryan and Rhonda Vincent, Alex Miller’s music is ideal for anyone who sometimes wonders where the country is in some contemporary country songs.

“I know that there are plenty of people out there who feel like I do, that there’s still room out here for the kind of country songs I write and perform,” Miller said. “So now we’re going to go out there and take the music to them.”