ANTIOCH, TN — Metro Council members from the Antioch area expressed their sadness yesterday at news of the shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ and sent their condolences to victims of the violence. They also vowed to stand firm and united with the community against violence.

“My heart and my prayers are with our neighbors at Burnette Chapel,” said Antoinette Lee, recently elected to represent the 33rd district, where the tragedy took place. “I am available to help this family of believers in any way I can as they now begin the difficult process of putting the pieces of their lives back together.”

Council Member at Large Bob Mendes, who is representing District 33 until Lee is sworn in, said: “I send my thoughts and prayers to the Burnette Chapel family. None of us can imagine the kind of terror that these worshippers must have suffered. We must rededicate ourselves as a city to stand for non-violence.”

Other Antioch-area Council Members also spoke out:

Council Member Tanaka Vercher, District 28: “A tragedy like this shakes a community to its very core, and my heart and prayers are fully with those who worship at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. We join with you in your sadness, and we are united with you to stop this kind of violence.”

Council Member Karen Johnson, District 29: “The Antioch community today comes together to embrace our friends at Burnette Chapel and to mourn with them and to pray with them. We join Mayor Megan Barry when she calls on the Nashville community to work and put a stop to this kind of violence.”

Council Member Jason Potts, District 30: “My family and I send our heartfelt condolences and our prayers to the members of the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. Our hearts ache at the thought of our neighbors being subjected to such terror. We stand ready to help any way we can.”

Council Member Fabian Bedne, District 31: “Once again, a house of faith is targeted by violence, and worshippers are terrorized, with one losing her life. We stand and we mourn with the Burnette Chapel community. But we also call on all of Nashville to come together and work for real ways to stop gun violence.”

Council Member Jacobia Dowell, District 32: “To our friends and neighbors at Burnette Chapel, we offer our thoughts and prayers as you deal with this horror in your midst. We in Antioch are a community rich in worship and faith, and while we grieve any violence, this hurts us deep within our hearts and souls.”

Pastor Howard E. Jones, Jr., candidate for Senate District 19:

The senseless and shocking shooting of parishioners at Burnette Chapel Church in Antioch has shaken our world. This small church, with many seniors as members, has experienced an unimaginable act of terror.  I have visited with the families of the victims located at both Vanderbilt and Skyline hospitals and offered them comfort.  Of course, they are shaken and quite disturbed and in an unbelievable state.

Just yesterday, we held a Youth Violence Prevention Rally with approximately 150 youth and adults.  We are striving to find solutions to prevent violence among our youth and adults. This is just another example as to why this must be done now. It is the right and righteous thing to do for such a time as this.

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