Thomas Sheffield Sustainability

You can believe what you want. But when our leaders believe things based upon “alternative facts”, we all lose.  It is horrifying that the government does not believe in climate change.  Climate change is not a hoax.  It is not made up.  The subject is backed up by scientific facts.  According to, in article featured on their web site January 18,2017, 2016 was the warmest year on record.  It beat the warmest record set just one year before in 2015.  That broke the record set in 2014.  That is a trend that cannot be denied. No one is effected by climate change more than the poorest among us.   #climatefacts has been trending lately on twitter since a gag order was placed on government websites.

Ignorance is not sustainable and neither is denying the facts.  Why should the people that work in government have to go rogue in getting facts out?  People are tweeting climate facts in solidarity for US government workers who cannot.  Reports on climate change have now disappeared from the State Department website.  Climate change not only has an impact on the economy but it has an impact on the country’s security.

The warming of the earth will cause our sea levels to rise.  Coastal cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles will suffer due to rising sea levels.  But this is obvious.  Let’s think of how the warming of the earth will affect the rest of us.  Fertile soil will suffer from drought conditions.  This will cause all of our food to cost more.  This administration does not favor raising the minimum wage even though prices continue to rise.  When people cannot afford to eat, then they are forced to starve or steal.  This increases the crime rate because now the people who have are forced to defend themselves against the have not’s who are trying to survive.  Thus a security crises.

Many choose to believe these are terrible times.  I think this is the most exciting time for us to make change.  We can no longer take for granted the government is going to do what it should to take care of us.  We can no longer sit back and say God is in control, (He is) but we must get up and do something about it.  We have a lot of work to do.  There are 5 simple things we can and must do.  1st, take care of yourself.  Be responsible and guard against toxins that enter your body.  You cannot be effective if you are not healthy.  2.  Contact your local, state and federal representatives.  Keep the pressure on them to do the right thing.  3. Speak truth to power.  Let everyone know through social media the truth and what is important.  4.  Teach your kids and family to read and research the facts.  5. Support local businesses and papers like this.  Together, we will survive and make this world better for future generations. I really want to hear from you.

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