Dr. Candra Clariette, left, and Rev. Dr. Roderick Belin, CEO of the AMEC Publishing House
Seated l-r; Dr. Phyllis Qualls, La Tanya Channel, Veonie McKinnie; Standong l-r; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Garner, Dr. Candra Clariette, Thomas Sheffield, Deputy Mayor Brenda Haywood, Rosetta Miller-Perry, Linda Spears, and Paulette Coleman (Not pictured: Rev. Dr. Roderick Belin)

NASHVILLE, TN — The 50-year-old Breakfast Club had its first meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic took control of our lives this past Sunday, Sept. 18. The featured speaker was Latanya Chanel, newly named Director of Economic Growth and Small Business Development. Until the end of September, she holds the title of District Director, State of Tennessee, United States Small Business Administration (SBA) – U.S. Small Business Administration, one of the few Blacks in the nation in that senior level position.

La Tanya Channel, left and Rosetta Miller-Perry

The Washington, DC native has been a Nashvillian for the last eight years. Her whole focus is to support and guide small businesses. She wants to help others become millionaires.  “As with programs at the SBA, there are significant opportunities for minorities to become strong financial citizens, with guidance, hard work and determination. I aim to help make that happen,” said Chanel.

Her presentation was recognized with a special toast, presented by Rev. Dr. Roderick Belin, General Officer with the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The CEO of the AMEC Publishing House delivered heartfelt words, “We honor your ancestors, who cover you.  We bless your presence, so that your good work will continue. We pray for your continued success, as you lift others to grow in their businesses and help the community.”

Shown l-r; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Garner, Dr. Candra Clariette, Thomas Shelfield, La Tanya Channel, and Linda Spears (Not pictured: Rev. Dr. Roderick Belin)

President of the Breakfast Club, Dr. Candra Clariette said, “We have a double honor. This was our first in-person meeting since the pandemic began and we have an absolutely outstanding speaker, Latanya Chanel.   Nashville’s progressive mayor  recently announced,  Latanya, the first African American woman in a senior level position  since Metropolitan government  was established   on June 28, 1962.

The event was held at the home of Mrs. Rosetta Miller-Perry, and the exquisite cuisine was provided by Catering Concepts by Timothy, owned by Timothy Winn. “All of these things and more made the event absolutely spectacular,” said Veonie McKinney.