By Paula Anderson

On February 16, Writing By Design Media, Inc. will host a Candid Conversations w/Entrepreneurs in-person panel discussion on real estate. The panel discussion will be held at Muggin Coffee House located at 1139 Brownlee Road in Memphis, Tenn. in celebration of Black History Month. 

The panelists are real estate professionals based in Memphis and Nashville, Tenn. along with a small business advocate in Memphis. Eric Ryan Brinson (moderator); Ron Brooks, Jr.; Dan Butler, Verna Littleton and Michael McGhee.

The conversation will cover topics on equity, cash flow, financing and real estate best practices.

According to McGhee, a Memphis investor, who owns parcels (real estate), “cash flow is more important than value.”

The venue for the panel discussion is Muggin Coffee House, a coffee shop, located in the Whitehaven community.  The owners, Ken and Mary Olds, have opened up their space for other black-owned businesses. 

“As a Black-owned business in Whitehaven, we want that dollar to be recycled here in Whitehaven. Partnering with other black owned businesses is double exposure and provides the customer with the introduction to another way to keep the dollar here,” Ken and Mary Olds. 

“We see the importance in lifting one another as we climb.There is the notion that one can reach the proverbial “top” and THEN reach back for someone else. We are of the belief that it is better to lift as you climb so when you reach the “top” you are not alone. It all goes back to the old adage Iron sharpens Iron,” said Ken and Mary Olds. 

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