As we return to school and approach “National Read a Book Day” on September 6th, the importance of reading amongst today’s children is at the forefront of many parents and educators.

Now a trio of children’s authors is offering ideas around inspiring children to pick up books and discover excitement through reading.

One author is critically acclaimed illustrator and writer Ashley Belote, a creative force behind the books Valenslime, Frankenslime, The Me Tree, and the recently released Listen Up Louella. Ashley discusses the importance of childhood reading and the power of illustration: “Creating books for children is a huge responsibility! Picture books are often a child’s first introduction to art and literature; it’s my job to present something eye-catching and interesting enough to foster a love of books in every reader.”

Another voice in the children’s book field is the award-winning author and wife of the late Bob “Gilligan” Denver (Back To The Beach,Zen & Now, Four Bears In A Box), who believes we need to be creative and aware of today’s children when creating books for them. Says Dreama, “I think our kids nowadays with all the devices and everything, we are losing that whole imagination escape a little bit, so what I am hoping is that this book will encourage kids to read and have a book in their hands.”

And lastly, first-time children’s author and legendary vocalist for classic pop group The Platters, Joe Coleman, whose debut book The DanSing Pancakes’ Healthy Choices Musical Story, was driven by the children he sees around him in the world. Joe says of his work, “I’m committed to teaching kids that reading and making healthy choices can be fun and empowering,”

All three of these superb authors are speaking up in conjunction with September 6th’s “National Read a Book Day” to offer ways they hope parents and educators can use books like theirs to generate excitement around reading and childhood education.