Cloud Hill Partnership Withdraws from Greer Stadium Revitalization Project

Bert Mathews presents his plan for Fort Negley to the Park Board August 1st. Photo by Peter White
NASHVILLE, TN — The Cloud Hill Partnership announced today that it has formally withdrawn from the contract it was awarded by Metro to revitalize the former Greer Stadium site.
“The Cloud Hill Partnership was formed to rethink the way we build communities by attracting new sources of socially minded, private capital to address the changing realities of cities in the 21st century,” said Bert Mathews, principal of the Cloud Hill Partnership.
“After several months of studying the extremely challenging site since being awarded the contract in May, it has become clear that several issues, including the appropriate yet still uncertain approach to archaeology based on the recent report released by the city, have become more complex than anticipated. We have, therefore, concluded that our proposal is no longer viable and must be withdrawn.”
“We sincerely hope that Greer will become a place that serves the many diverse needs and interests of the surrounding neighbors and residents, and in which people from every neighborhood in Nashville will be welcome and safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”
The Cloud Hill Partnership is a diverse team of local and national experts, led by principals T Bone Burnett, Bert Mathews and Tom Middleton.
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