l-r; Rev. Rep. Harold M. Love, Jr., Clemmie Greenlee, Sheila Lee Clemmie and Pastor Howard Jones. Photos by Madeline Whittaker

NASHVILLE, TN — Community activist Clemmie Greenlee was honored on Sunday, September 30, for her work in the community. Pastor Howard Jones, senior pastor of Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church, and the

Together Movement organized the event. Pastors, ministers, and lay persons were all a part of the program.  

Clemmie Greenlee, center, thanks Pastor Jones, far right, for hosting this very special event for her, accompanied by her brother, Lonnie Greenlee, left, husband, Norfleet Clay, second from left, and friend Sheila Lee Clemmons, seated at right.

More than a dozen participants lauded praise on Greenlee for her tireless energy. Pastor Jones said, “We felt it our responsibility to recognize this ‘Woman of Substance’ because her community work is more than a mission, it is a calling.”

Rep. Harold Love presented proclamations from the Tennessee General Assembly, representing

Sen. Thelma Harper and himself. The proclamations were full of activities in Ms. Greenlee’s life, from her days at the Magdalene House to her community work to save other women.

Pastor Orlando Westbrooks of Change Ministries said, “This is your hour, you glow in it. Now it is time for you to orchestrate and delegate because we need a lot of work in this city.”

Sterling Wright, known as Chef 100, explained that Greenlee had become his “other mother” since the death of his mom.  He described her with three words that begin with the letter U:  “You are Unbelievable, Unstoppable, and Unique.  He also added that she is the one who takes “Impossible” and turns it into “I’m possible.”

Standing at about 5 feet tall and dressed in a sleeveless black straight dress accented with red gloves and her medical mask to help prevent infection, Greenleee was happy and delighted.  Pastor Kelvin Walker, a member of the Fairfield ministerial staff and the program’s master of ceremonies, described Greenleee as strong and energetic, noting, “She is an intense ball of fire.”

Greenlee said she was thankful for the work and the continuing support, adding, “I have tried to make a difference.”  She also shared the moment with special program participants from the Mothers Over Murder organization. One mother, Stacy Hall, who lost her son, told Greenlee, “You are the reason I had the strength to go on, besides God.“

Coordinated by Fairfield’s Jackie Crum, Sebra Owens, and Megan Baker, the event was a fund raiser to help Greenlee with medical bills for her recent heart transplant. She received cards, flowers, a huge gift basket filled with personalized chips, candy and more cards.  Pastor Jones explained this event is what church is all about. “When we come together, then the killing will stop and we win!”