Haddie Jane

By Charlotte Fontaine

NASHVILLE, TN — Introducing the spunky but soft singer songwriter from Nashville, Haddie Jane. Haddie’s music evokes a memory of a time with the popularity of the handlebar mustaches, Zooey Deschanel’s face on billboards everywhere, and putting the vignette filter on instagram posts, but with the perfect updated twist of high production, sorrowful vocals, and dreamy washed out instrumentation. One can liken her musical style to a cross between Ingrid Michaelson and The Strokes’ acoustic numbers. Her aesthetic feels emotional, as it wavers between a circus clown and the look of a young Nancy Sinatra, depending on the tone of the project she is releasing. She has been playing live shows and recording the last few years in Nashville as an independent artist. In her words she is “currently focused on having new experiences” to “have new stories to write about.”  Her songs’ subjects range from being autobiographical to whimsical storytelling with an unreliable narrator. 

Haddie’s lyrics are what make her a musician to watch out for, with songs that are typically centered around love, but with a dark twist. Her most recent release, a single called “In The Other Room”, is written from the perspective of a young man who has an unrequited crush on his roomates girlfriend, with haunting lines like “I thought it’d be easy to let go of you like a balloon… but how could I forget you, when you’re in the other room”. Haddie has a different take from most songwriters you catch at writers rounds here in Nashville as she embodies more of a spooky but friendly and familiar sadness in her performances, which regularly feature her playing an acoustic guitar, allowing her flowing, feminine, and pretty vocals to stand out. 

At the moment Haddie is trying to get as many writing opportunities as possible, her current goal is to “get a job as an in-house writer… I want to write for myself and others”. When asked what emotion she would like to evoke through her music, she explained “I want my writing to make the listener take a familiar feeling and view it differently. I strive to be unique in my writing and hope the listener has a unique experience upon hearing it. Whether it’s sadness, happiness, anger, confusion, or something else, I hope it is a new feeling”. With a biting and witty tone popping up through the melancholy, Haddie’s music is certainly fulfilling her desire to make listeners pause and listen to what she is singing about. 

You can find Haddie at most singer-songwriter rounds on both weekdays and weekends, when she isn’t writing or in the studio. Follow her at @haddiejane on all social media platforms to keep up with her work. I for one, can’t wait to see what she produces next sonically, and the look that goes with it.