Sharon Hurt

NASHVILLE – Nashville Councilwoman Sharon Hurt released the following statement regarding the disbanding of the Community Oversight Board voted in by Davidson County voters in 2018.

“The state legislature is placing another attack on our incredible city of
Nashville by once again silencing the voices of members of our community. Just weeks
after they wrongly removed two members of the legislature and silenced over 140,000
voices throughout Tennessee. They voted to disband our community oversight board,
which was overwhelmingly supported by the voters of Davidson County in 2018. The voters’
voice may not matter to state legislators, yet to Nashville they will always stand strong. The
Community Oversight Board (COB) is well-established and the Metro Council has been
unified in this process of establishing and maintaining it. The COB was established to
investigate allegations surrounding the MNPD and the community with an unbiased
perspective. Our state continues to overstep and attempt to weaken our city, but I know
Nashville is capable of standing up to these political bullies. We will not let them win.”