Chattanooga’s Mayor, Andy Berke, left, and CEO of Arrow Labs, Rami Darwish. Photo submitted

CHATTANOOGA, TN — The city of Chattanooga is one of the first cities in the US to offer giga-bit speed internet connectivity to its local businesses and residents. Always looking for the best tools to harness this power, the city of Chattanooga continues to reach for the best ways to provide outstanding customer service and to equip its municipal workforce with the most effective technology. 

Sharing in the city’s vision of innovation is Arrow Labs, a Dubai-based tech company that has pioneered the sophisticated workforce management platform, MIMS – specifically designed for the management of field employees. The software due to its flexibility and easy usability has been deployed across industries such as logistics, hospitality, facility management, security, emergency response, maritime, aviation and transportation, around the world. Its most innovative smart wearable, the MIMS Watch, was dubbed the “corporate Apple Watch”, due to the range of functionality and benefits it provides the non-desk workforce and their management.

Potential digitalization plans for the city were discussed in meeting between Mayor of Chattanooga, Andy Berke and CEO of Arrow Labs, Rami Darwish. The discussion pertained to wearable technology, machine vision, data analysis and management of the city’s field assets.

Andy Berke, the Mayor of Chattanooga, stated, “We’re always looking for ways to advance what we do with technology, and we are excited to hear more about Arrow Labs’ technology and the value it may be able to add to our workforce, businesses and subsequently, the lives of our people.”

Rami Darwish, CEO of Arrow Labs, said, “It is very impressive to witness the technology initiatives that are being undertaken by Mayor Berke and the city of Chattanooga. It is highly encouraging to learn about the future plans of this tech-driven city, and we’re committed to exploring all the possible ways Arrow Labs can help contribute to its success.”