Dr. Sonja Stribling, Best Selling Author of ‘The Divorce That Saved My Life

National–Before Dr. Sonja became a Bravo tv host, licensed clinical counselor, and transformational speaker, she was left bankrupt emotionally and financially after 18 years of marriage. As a mother of three, Dr. Sonja had to process healing and fight for financial freedom. On her journey, she created a global platform designed to help women discover their P.O.W.E.R, building a community of 500+ clients this year alone.

With all that she overcame, she not only shared her story in her book, ‘The Divorce That Saved My Life’, but has been leading by example. On July 29, 2022, Dr. Sonja Stribling hosted a surprise wedding ceremony with her new husband, Shawn Alexander, during a business mastermind event. The ceremony took place in front of the duo’s clients, family, friends, and biggest supporters. Dr. Sonja feels this marriage is in spiritual alignment both professionally and personally: she boasts that this time around, she married for a partnership in addition to marrying for love. Dr. Sonja never misses an opportunity to get down to business and strives to show women that personal success and love is possible.