NASHVILLE, TN — It was a standing-room-only event at Swetts Restaurant, honoring Pastor Howard E. Jones, Jr, in his bid for the Tennessee State Senate-District 19. Jones announced his “Willing to Serve” campaign on the steps of the Capitol in February.  He said then, and continues to say with great respect to the current Senator, who has held this office for more than 25 years, “If Senator Harper decides to retire, then I am willing to serve the people of the 19th Senatorial District.”

The room was full of individuals who support Jones in his bid.  “Judge Carol Soloman said “Jones has the character, intestinal fortitude and spirit to serve the people.”   He has served as senior pastor of Fairfield Church for 27 years, while working in the school system for an equal amount of time, currently as an assistant principal.  He also served as a Juvenile Court Officer for 10 years.

Kwame Leo Lilliard, former City Councilman and producer of the African Street Festival said, “Howard Jones is the leader we need now to represent the people of the 19th State Senatorial District.  He is well prepared to serve the people of this very significant district, with sound judgment, varied experiences and a proven record of a consensus style of leadership to build a team that will make a positive difference.”

Sondrea Tolbert, a minister at Fairfield introduced Jones and shared of his strong work ethic in the church and in the community with his leadership skills.  “His vision of building a strong church family, acquiring affordable apartments and developing a restaurant to serve the community with nourishing meals and employment opportunities, which speaks to economic salvation,” reveals that Pastor Jones is a true leader, ready to serve.

Supporters of Jones say they are ready for a long campaign journey but are committed to his success.  Jones said, “This campaign is about the people; it is beyond me.  It is about Faith, Family, Fellowship and our Future.”  He added during these times, we must not only lean on these qualities but let them guide us.” Faith, is our hope for a brighter future with hard work. Family is the root of our being and on which we must base our love to show love for others.  Fellowship is where we work and play together—all races, all cultures, all generations, all income levels, everyone for the good of our society and a great quality of life. And finally, our Future…this campaign is for the future of our children, what we as adults must do for them so that they will have a world in which they can enjoy and leave in peace, learning to love each other for the greater good.”

It was a virtual Pep Rally to show support for Jones.  Don Majors said, “Howard Jones is ready to lead and I hope the people will give him that opportunity.” The Democratic Primary election will be held in August 2018, with early voting beginning in July.