Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood area residents and friends stand against odors and traffic from a plant that processes sewage collected by restaurant grease traps, water from car washes and leachate, toxic liquids squeezed from landfills. File photo.

From Staff Reports

NASHVILLE, TN — A long-time campaign against “the grease plant” appears to be over as leaders of the Haynes-Trinity area neighborhood associations agreed to resolve the dispute

As a result, Onsite Environmental, 1421 Baptist World Center Drive, previously Combs Industrial Service, continues its move to 2832 Whites Creek Pike based on city and state authorization.

“While the outcome was not what we would have preferred, we were pragmatic and understood the agreement was in our best interest,” Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition leaders said Nov. 13.

The 10-year-old controversy flared up last summer and ended Nov. 8 at metro’s planning commission meeting where neighborhood associations hoped to start rezoning the land where polluted water is to be processed.

“Upon advice of our attorney,” the coalition said, “we agreed to find a resolution to the grease plant” because their attorney, Bill Farmer, told coalition leaders they “would lose.” They wanted planning commissioners to rule that no steps had been taken by Onsite Environmental toward development of the Whites Creek Pike site. Had they won that decision, rezoning hearings would have been held toward a city council vote.

“A few minutes before the MPC meeting, the Haynes Manor Executive Committee and the Steering Committee of the Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition agreed to a resolution that allows the grease recycling plant to proceed in return for important community needs,” the Coalition announced.

The resolution between the neighbors and Onsite states:

• A restrictive covenant will be placed on the deed for 12 acres to prevent construction of other heavy industrial facilities there.

• Onsite Environmental will provide $100,000 in educational scholarships over a 10-year period to area students.

• Funding will be provided for neighborhood signs and other neighborhood improvements.

• There will be a flood mitigation study for the Haynes Manor.

• A Community Advisory Board will be created and it will meet twice a year with senior management at Onsite Environmental.

• Part the property north of the UPS Parking lot will be available for an athletic field or community garden.

• Onsite Environmental will provide a written policy on hiring residents in the neighborhood when possible and to use best faith efforts to employ local contractors for construction of the facility.

• Sidewalks will be built along Whites Creek Pike.

• Water processing will be totally enclosed and odors will be contained and treated.

• There will be no disturbance of the 300-foot buffer, other than for utility access.

• Truck traffic will access the facility only from Briley Parkway.

• Onsite Environmental will encourage and foster retail development in the commercial zone fronting Whites Creeks Pike.