Tailgating season is here, and while you may want to refer to last year’s playbook, new tools and tips can help make this your best season yet.

Stay Comfortable

There are a few simple things you can do to make comfort and safety a priority while tailgating. Number one is to pack plenty of water in order to keep everyone hydrated.

Whether you use an umbrella, a pop-up tent or simply arrive early to seek out a leafy corner of the lot, make sure your space includes some shade. And don’t forget the sunscreen. Be sure to check the weather report and prepare ahead with the right gear and clothing.

Lastly, it may not be the most fun item on your game day packing checklist, but it could be the most important. Always bring along a first aid kit that includes all the basics. It’s always better to be too prepared.

Keep Food Fresh

Don’t let your party foods fall victim to common tailgating woes. Even in an icy cooler, go-to, crowd-pleasing dips can be particularly susceptible to browning and drying out after a few hours. Prevent the degradation of guacamole and other dips by storing them in smart individual containers designed to keep foods fresh.

For example, the new Guac-Lock from Casabella works differently from standard food storage containers. Made from shatterproof, odor-proof and stain-resistant plastic, the container locks in place and allows users to squeeze out excess air. It’s great for entertaining too, as it features a push-up mechanism that keeps the container looking full, and comes with an optional chip tray.

Ambitious tailgaters can now make their dips ahead of time, without worrying that the look and flavor of their creations will fade over time.

Make Noise

If stadium rules permit, consider bringing along a wireless speaker system to pump up your favorite jams. Ensure your system is compatible with your phone’s technology. Waterproof options exist, and are always a great bet for all kinds of weather. Create a playlist in advance that will get you and your friends ready for the game. It may be helpful to make friends with your tailgating neighbors to reduce your chances of dueling sound systems.

With a few simple suggestions, you can make your next tailgating party a great success.