Journalist Jemele Hill insists that her podcast “Unbothered” has NOT been canceled despite recent reports of its demise.

By Ron Wynn

NASHVILLE, TN — Award-winning politics. culture and sports journalist Jemele Hill responded recently to multiple reports that claimed her podcast “Unbothered” had been canceled by Spotify and that the reason was she had sought a $100 million dollar deal similar to the one negotiated by Joe Rogan.

Hill said on Twitter that much of the reporting on her podcasts status was false, and that the $100 million dollar figure was “comical.”

She added “Unbothered” has NOT been cancelled, and that fans could still hear and find it online. 

Hill started “Unbothered” in 2019. A Detroit native, she enjoyed success as a print reporter at multiple publications before joining ESPN in 2006.

There she began as a columnist and contributor to, but soon  began appearing on many other shows. 

Hill remained with the network from 2006 to 2018. 

During that time at one point she co-anchored  the weeknight SportsCenter with Michael Smith, making it the first time two Black journalists co-anchored during the early evening edition.

Since leaving ESPN, Hill has been a contributing writer for The Atlantic as well as hosting the podcast.

Many fans will continue to closely follow “Unbothered,” which has featured guest appearances from many top newsmakers and entertainment personalities.