Do you remember that song from the movie, “Hustle and Flow…“It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp?” I’m sure it’s hard out there for some, but not one I have ever known of personally.

And personally, I am happy that it’s hard on the pimps, maybe they will quit trafficking and selling innocent people to the highest bidder, while supplying addicts, creating poverty, racial stereotypes, beating and abusing their “employees” and not paying them what they are “worth.” I can’t stand pimps and think they are all disgusting for exploiting, disrespecting, marginalizing, molesting, deceiving, and telling lie after lie to the ones who get them paid in the first place, and rely on their loyalty in return, hopefully…the voters that elect them.

Speaking of pimps…of all the biggest pimps I have ever known, Donald Trump, is the OBPE (Original Big Pimp Extraordinaire) who has pimped everybody from the media to the masses, without spending a dime of his own money yet, while the others almost went broke. By the way, he’s got a new “trick, John etc…” Sheldon Adelson, who is bringing the big pimp $100 million. Think he might make it rain for his “daddy?” Trump’s not just a pimp anymore, he’s acting like a godfather now…the Don at that! But let’s keep first things first.

I looked up the rules for pimping and found that:

First of all, a pimp can’t pimp without “employees” (from now on referred to as “them” to avoid crude street language…) waiting for a pimp who will pimp them. That would be anyone who supports, endorses, gives to, likes, and will vote for Trump, the OBPE. Now the rules for pimping:

  1. Always make them need and depend on you. Power is control. Drumph did just that with his racist, lying, misogynistic, xenophobic, narcissistic, hate filled rhetoric by saying what “they” thought, for them. If it had not been for Dumpster, his supporters would have remained hatefully hidden in our midst from our obvious and conspicuous view, right under our noses, as we always wondered what that ever present and unpleasant, sort of, faint smell is.
  2. Make them understand that you don’t need them, they need you…I think that’s a foregone conclusion. He doesn’t need them because he is using them, but they do actually need him to say what they are too cowardice to say. When this is over, he will go back to being even richer, but “they” (them) will have to live with the shame that exposure has brought to themselves. We all know them now.
  3. No matter how much you like or care for one or any of “them,” don’t trust any of them. No explanation needed. He doesn’t trust any of them because he knows “they ain’t loyal” anyway! But they trust him blindly.
  4. Always stay two steps ahead of the game you have them playing (Remember…the pimp sets the game). Donald is a genius at this because he doesn’t care what he says, if he said it, or didn’t say it, or restate whatever he said or didn’t say to fit the occasions, whatever they may be. Like any big pimp, Dump is always way ahead of us all, because he has no truth in him whatsoever, moral compass, or care for humanity, just Dump.
  5. Don’t let them know your entire plan, but always know theirs. Drumph’s plan is the plan of the Anti-Christ. Period. He is a forerunner of what is coming next if he gets “their” way. All of those preachers he’s got with him, such as Paula White, Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham and the 10 handkerchief-head Black preachers…they represent the False Prophet. That’s the plan. The employees of this pimp don’t even know or understand where he’s taking them, nor do they care, they’re just full of hate and fear, wanting to hold on to what they have always had, yet knowing that their ultimate demise as a race is imminent. The pimp has his plan, and his people only have the reality of a future nightmare for them…Brown America.
  6. Make sure you own their mind, body, and souls, then test it out often to make sure that you own them. The pimp has to be sure he owns the aforementioned because for his employees to go out and work to bring him his money and power, they have to accept and believe in him completely. Every time he opens his mouth and lies or makes preposterous comments… that’s their test.
  7. Always try to know what’s going on…(Make them tell on each other). By the time “Pimping DT” got done with secrets he would expose on Capitol Hill, in states, and elsewhere, he was pimping the whole corrupt GOP from Rinse Prewash all the way up to the Turtle Man in Kentucky. He turned their hate and loathing for him, into an intimate relationship that takes place in a really big bed…with the big pimp calling all the shots.

Enough is enough! Don’t get played by this pimp.