Hundreds of Knoxville citizens who gathered in Krutch Park in a peaceful rally in love in response to the white supremacy groups who came to Knoxville to spew their hate. Photo by Ronni Chandler

By Vivian Underwood Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — There were many reactions and gatherings in response to the gathering of the white supremacy and KKK groups who held a rally in Knoxville Tennessee on Saturday, August 26th.

None was as large, or as peaceful and powerful as the citizens of Knoxville who gathered in Krutch Park in the downtown area of Knoxville Tennessee at an event called the KNOXVILLE KINDNESS RALLY. The site was chosen as a safe and supportive place to speak out against hate and violence. There were hundreds of people, all ages, from babies in strollers, to the elderly on canes. All races, denominations, and groups;  all gathered away from the site of the hate mongers who had gathered across the bridge. This peaceful rally had one mission in mind…to show love, justice, and the importance of human dignity.

Sponsored by the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville, The Compassion Coalition, and the Alliance for Better Non Profits, the afternoon was filled with love, music, and words of encouragement from Knoxville leaders, Pastor Daryl Arnold of Over Coming Believers Church, Grant Standefer of the Coalition,and Jerry Askew from the Arts and Culture Alliance..The crowd carried signs and wore shirts speaking of love and equality for all.