Your paper reports on the many issues facing the challenges of Covid and the field
of Education. It will help parents and students to know this support is available
today, at no cost.

Students everywhere continue to pay a huge price daily, with their career paths disrupted and damaged due to the strains of Covid. Our Nashville advocacy responded with the decision to support families and students online at no cost, with download permission granted for the 8 workbooks in early math, including a full set of answer keys! This online and free training platform is to serve all families and students directly: Two of the workbooks are now available in Spanish (Fractions Addition and Subtraction) to render parental support with proper training tools. This is the website for the free materials now available . Families will soon find they are well supported
to assist with this supplemental tutoring from home!

Parents will be treated to free downloads of materials which are proven to be very effective in a variety of settings. School teacher comments on the website address the detailed training approach built by a Six Sigma Certified Engineer. Today, he along with 7 other professionals in the fields of mathematics, physics, math education, PhD learning psychology, and two PhD’s in Sciences, are expanding the platform for this engagement to train well and deeply. We serve and we seek to support excellent training in high need areas with professionals in the field.

Currently we are selecting non-profits to align with our mission. We seek proven leadership and performance with commitment to align with our advocacy to serve these national needs. We seek to support their missions which align with ours and to see our funding directed to solutions for the students. Major national assessment agencies have repeatedly addressed the needs for students to be provided rigorous training in early STEM. We chose to develop rigorous content to be scaled with this platform as well as support the attraction and retention of those students to enter the profession. Our students cannot afford to wait for access to such professional support to reach their home and empower the parents, who too need such a model. We hope all who care to use the materials will benefit and in turn, support the school teachers in this time of great need.

Jim Pfeiffer, Founder and Advocate, Community Math Training, Inc. Nashville, TN.